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Create High Conversion Bot Invites on Exit Intent Pages, Popups, Inline, and More

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How Can ListMagnate™ Addon Help Your Online Marketing?

Now you can create almost any kind of conversion invite campaign for your webpages.

No Coding Required

Create high conversion invites using our Visual Editor for more leads, and more sales.

Mobile Friendly

Our Mobile Responsibe design works on Desktop's, Tablets, iPads, and Mobile Phones.

List Building Tools

ListMagnate™ has a whole suite of business building tools to build your list, for more conversions.

Increase Your Conversions

Putting our High Conversion Templates on your sites will lead to more leads & sales.

Over 20+ High Conversion Magnate Templates

Now you can create almost any kind of conversion magnate for your business on any webpage.

ListMagnate's Features Will Put Your Campaigns on Steriods

Check out some of the features below...and we are adding more all the time.

  • Create Unlimited Conversion Campaigns to add to your websites
  • Over 20+ Templates to choose from, and of course, you can create and save your own template.
  • A Live Drag N Drop Visual Editor to quickly create a stunning Call to Action Campaign
  • Add Dynamic Effects, with over 10 Animations to Choose from.
  • Visitor Behavior Triggers to active the campaign: Exit Intent, Website Scroll, Timed Delay, OnClick option
  • Ability to Add Bot Invites to the Campaign, Buttons, Optin Forms, and More...
  • Popups, 2 Step Forms, Welcome Pages, Full Page Overlays, Inline Forms, and more...
  • Add a Checkbox Send to Messenger Bot Invite and get more leads to your Messenger list
  • Supports any Form Code for autoresponder, and your favorite autoresonder Api
  • Create Facebook Ads and have Leads automatically go into your favorite autoresponder

Create a Checkbox Send to Messenger Using our Visual Editor

With our Live Visual Editor, you can easily create the most awesome conversion campaigns ever.

See How Simple It Is To Create a Campaign With ListMagnate™

Now you can create almost any kind of conversion campaign for your business.

5 Easy Steps to Revolutionize Your Conversion Campaigns

This takes minutes, then simply get your one line of code and embed to site.

Step 1: Choose Your Display Type

Here is where the fun begins.

Choose your Display Type: Inline/Embed, Lightbox Popup, Full Screen Overlay, Slide In Bottom Right, Slide In Bottom Left, Welcome Gate

Next, Select the Call to Action Type: One Step, Two Step

Finally, select which Autoresponder and/or Webinar Platform to integrate with:

  • Form Code, Aweber, Getresponse, iContact, Sendlane, GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, WebinarJeo, EverWebinar

Step 2: Choose your Template (20+)

With over 20+ templates to choose from, you have plenty of options. From a video optin form, to a Simply Call to Action with a Order button. Want to add a particular Image to it? No problem, List Magnate can handle it using our Drag N Drop visual editor.

Or course, you can bypass this stage and create your own template from scratch using our Live Editor. Choose from a number of ELEMENTS to put inside your Conversion Campaign, like Images, Videos, Buttons, Optin Forms, Bot Invite Buttons, Checkbox Send to Messenger.

Step 3: Customize Your Design

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Step 4: Select your Display Options

The Finally 4th step is super easy.

Add from 10 Animation effects, like FadeIn, SwingIn, ZoomIn, and more..

From here, you can add your URL redirect after a visitor optins to your form. We even support Shopify stores too. 🙂

Lastly, you pick your Trigger Behavior. We have exit intent, inline forms, idle sensor, scroll cta, onClick, and cookie set.

Step 5: Get Embed Code to Add to Site

I love this part. In one click of your mouse, each campaign generates a embed code that you simply add to your website, and it works with every type of site: wordpress, php, html, etc..

A really cool feature is the abililty to add multiple campaigns on the same webpage. So, if you want a optin form, an exit intent full page overlay, and a flyin at bottom popup, it can do that very simply. Simply select which campaigns, click button and it puts all the campaigns in 1 line of code to embed. So easy.

ListMagnate™ Addon Is Essential for Steriod Marketing

Popups · Fullpage Overlays · Inline Forms · Welcome Pages · Scroll Fly-Ins

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