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Add These Six Growth Tools to Build your Subscriber List

Build Your Bot Subscriber List Easily with These Tools

1. Customer Chat for Websites

  • Put single line of embed code on any website
  • Adds visitors to your Subscriber List
  • Able to respond with 2 way communication
  • A familiar icon and user interface to engage visitors
  • Resume chat at any time with history intact
  • Optional WordPress plugin for easy install
  • The Customer Chat Addon can load in multi-languages for international sites.

2. Facebook Comment Growth Tool

  • Convert users who comment on a post into Messenger Bot Subscribers
  • Auto Like when a user comments.
  • Auto Reply Privately by sending them a message (this puts them on subscriber list).
  • Auto Reply to Comments Publically
  • Ability to Auto Hide/Delete competitors comments, and send them a private message
  • Supports Spin Syntax, and Personalizations

3. Facebook Ads JSON Tool

  • Convert users who click on your Facebook Ad into Messenger bot subcribers
  • Easy Copy/Paste Script Code
  • Builds Personalization in your Ad Marketing
  • Create Quick Reply's for Start of Conversation
  • Add Buttons, Links, Images, Text, and More.

4. Bot Invite Landing Page Button Generator for Websites

  • Quickly add Bot Invite Buttons on Websites
  • Embed Code Generator for easy adding to your sites.
  • Customize by selecting which FB Page Bot to invite user to.
  • Three Button Colors to Choose from: Blue, Orange, Green
  • Customize by Adding your own Button Image
  • Preview Window to See What it Looks Like

5. Call-to-Action Multi-Page & Profile Poster

  • Create a FB Post, complete with message, image, video, and post to multiple pages at once, including your main profile.
  • Adds a Call-to-Action 'Message Page' button to post, and when clicked, user is added to your subscriber list.
  • Auto Comment Reply, and Auto Like Post
  • Auto Private Message when user makes Comment (adds to List)
  • Schedule your Posts in advance by setting up a Sequence.

Bonus Growth Tool #6: (New)


As previously mentioned above in Growth Tool #2, our software will turn the Commenter into a Messenger Subscriber.

How does it do this? When someone comments on a post, our software will autoreply to the comment publically on the FB page, but it will also send them a private reply to their messenger inbox. When this happens, they become a messenger subscriber automatically. You can then use the Bulk Sender to send broadcast messages or sequence messages to be sent over a period of dates automatically.

Here is where it gets exciting. To set this up is tedious. You have to enable each Facebook post and set up a Autoreply and Auto Private Reply for each of your posts. If you have many Pages, this is a whole lot of tedious work.

Not Any More....

Introducing...Page Auto Response!

"Page Auto Response will allow you to setup comment auto reply and comment private reply with one settings for the full page. "

It get's even better....

All Future Posts you post will also have Auto Reply and Auto Private Message Reply enabled....

Which means, a future commenter will be added to your messenger list on autopilot.

Yes, you heard that right. Set your campaign up for your entire Page with the click of one button, and it will work for future posts also. can do Auto Like and Auto Share for the WHOLE PAGE, instead of having to set it up for each post.

Never miss a comment again. Respond and capture each commenter into a subscriber.

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